Join the professional networking site "Wisdom of Students"
  • Go to the "Wisdom of Students" website
  • Submit a request to join the "Wisdom of Students" professional networking site
  • Wait until your instructor accepts your request and them proceed. You should receive an acceptance notice via email.

Add your contact information including your picture (if you are uncomfortable adding you picture please leave the picture blank).


  • Contact a former student (student that was previously in EDUC331) through the NING networking site
  • Start a forum discussion and have that student respond to several questions, including:
    • Where they are teaching?
    • Are they in a teaching position? or student teaching?
    • What subject area they are teaching within?
    • How has their first year (first few years) gone?
    • What was their biggest surprise as a first year teacher (or student teacher)?
    • How are they using technology within the classroom?

The following Acceptable Use Policy is strictly enforced on the Wisdom of Students site. Make sure that the content that you post is acceptable for "all audiences." Anyone violating this policy will be removed from the site and any bonus points will not be awarded.

Acceptable Use Policy:
Welcome to the Wisdom of Students social / collaboration network. This is a place to share and learn together in a safe and friendly environment. Toward this end dialog and conversations can vary between academic to strictly social but the dialog and content posted here needs to be supportive and appropriate in nature. If abusive or inappropriate materials/posts are brought to my attention the author will be removed from the site and any points associated with this class-based activity will be forfeited.