Objectives: Students should be able to:
  • Apply If-Then formulas to calculate grades based on a range of data
  • Apply summative formulas to generate descriptive statistics for analysis
  • Generate graphical representations that best describe the situation
  • Compile a narrative report that includes graphics and an improvement plan
  • Work with formative assessment (marking criteria - see below) to improve learning (your learning about Excel)


  • Review objectives and marking criteria (see below) for Excel assignment
  • Watch live demos on how to write Excel formulas and generate Excel Graphs (in class)
  • Write formulas and complete the Excel worksheets (each student must create their own worksheet)
  • Generate graphs (in Excel) that describe the overall strengths and weaknesses of students based on the CSAP data (each student must create their own graphs)
  • Write a narrative that describes your students' performance on the CSAP. Remember that your narrative must explain your graphics (no graphic should stand alone).
  • Write a narrative that describes 2-3 strategies that you will implement to help these students improve their performance.
  • Use the attached "marking criteria" (see below) to mark or assess your own understanding and learning based on the key attributes and skills.
  • Compare Excel worksheets to verify results.

Project Files