Students should be able to:
  1. Determine if a work is protected by a copyright.
  2. Describe what is considered to be "fair use" for face-to-face teaching under the © (copyright) or "Big C"
  3. Define and understand the six creative commons licenses
  4. Describe when you need to provide "attribution" or "credit" for a creative commons work
  5. Locate the following types of creative commons works (pictures, music, video)
  6. Conduct a search for creative commons photographs on Flickr
  7. Create a template in Microsoft Word that automates the table of contents and bibliography

  1. Create a APA style template in MSword (30 points).
  2. Add and provide attribution (citation) to the following content in your MSword document:
    • Text (10 points)
    • Picture licensed under creative commons (10 points)
  3. Save your MSWord Template on the M: & S: Drives
  4. Here is an example file

Here are a few resources that you may need:

Learn about the "Big C" ©: Understand the "all rights reserved" copyright ©

Learn about Creative Commons (cc): Understand creative commons (cc)