Web Design Activity:

Students should be able to:
  • Create an e-Portfolio (web site) on Google Sites.
    • Understand how to edit a page
    • Understand how to add pictures
    • Understand how to add YouTube Videos
  • Demonstrate "best practice" when using color, fonts and graphics.
  • Create a usable layout based on template (using template - search STEPP)
  • Create navigation links to assist visitors in viewing the site.
  • Understand the importance of adobe .pdf files and how to create them using MSword, MSExcel, MSPowerPoint
  • Over the semester learn how to add the following files to their e-Portfolio: text, pictures, videos, URL links, and .pdf files
  • Edit the wiki with a link to your e-Portfolio
  • Give permission to your instructor to view your e-Portfolio.

Important note: do not use graphics / images that you do not have permission to use.

See the WedsiteDesignRubric.pdf for detailed requirements.

Assignments: (e-Portfolio Start)
For this assignment you will create an e-Portfolio (start your e-portfolio). This e-Portfolio will be used for assessment throughout the course and is your final project. Furthermore, you should maintain this e-Portfolio throughout your CSU career.
  1. Create an e-portfolio based on the template provided (search STEPP)
  2. Front page designed to answer your viewers (customers) questions

Some "Best Practices"
  • Your Website must solve the viewers (customers) problem or answer their questions (this may change over time).
    • Who is your customer?
      • SOE? - what are they looking for?
  • If your viewers (customers) can't figure our what your site is about within four seconds - it is a failure.
  • Text should contrast with the background. If you have questions about contrast visit this site about luminosity.
  • Do not put too much content on one page - here is an example-
  • Do not use background images - or animated .gifs (old school). Here is an example.
  • Do not use too many "bells and whistles" - use design elements that help your viewer solve their problem.
  • Use a basic color scheme - do not do this... website?
  • Website navigation should answer some basic questions:
    • Where am I?
    • Where have I been?
    • Where can I go next?
    • Where’s the Home Page?
  • Don't let your site show up on webpagesthatsuck (the "best practices" content on this page was adapted from webpagesthatsuck)

Additional Guidelines:


Example e-Portfolio (Google Sites): Dr. Folkestad
Example e-Portfolio Liz
Example e-Portfolio Adam
Example e-Portfolio Claire
Example e-Portfolio Elisa