• Day 2
    • Write / complete the following WebQuest building blocks
      • Introduction
      • Tasks
      • Process
      • Evaluation
      • Conclusion
    • Produce your WebQuest
    • Building blocks of a WebQuest>

Day 1: Plan your WebQuest
  1. Print and turn in your WebQuest Plan - (answer the nine questions from the "planning your WebQuest" document)
  2. Print and turn in your Rubric

Day 2: Produce your WebQuest:
  1. Introduction
  2. Tasks
  3. Process
  4. Evaluation (rubric)
  5. Conclusions
  6. "Planning your WebQuest" - answers to the questions
  7. Teacher pages
Day 3: Evaluate another student's WebQuest
  1. Complete the Evaluation Form and return it to the author

Why Webquest?

What is a WebQuest?

How to save the Webquest template to your Google Site:

Step 1: Create a new site - in Google Sites


Step 2: "Browse the gallery for more" templates


Step 3: Search on "EDUC331" and select the WebQuest Template


Step 4: Complete the Google Site form... I suggest that you "Share with Everyone in the world"


Step 5: You now have a copy of the WebQuest template. You can now edit that Google site to customize and complete your WebQuest.