e-Portfolio (Google Docs)

After completing this activity students should be able to:
  • Understand how to build a website using universal design elements
  • Create an e-Portfolio using Google Sites
    • Understand how to edit a page
    • Understand how to add pictures
    • Understand how to add YouTube Videos
  • Organize the e-Portfolio using the teacher standards
  • Understand the importance of adobe .pdf files and how to create them using MSword, MSExcel, MSPowerPoint
  • Over the semester learn how to add the following files to their e-Portfolio: text, pictures, videos, URL links, and .pdf files

Example e-Portfolio (Google Sites): Dr. Folkestad
Example e-Portfolio Liz Melahn

Help files:
Creating a new Google Site (Basic)
How to change your theme(overall appearance of site)
Adding Colorado State Standards to your e-portfolio (required)
Sharing your e-portfolio with others (required)
Changing the name on your e-portfolio (how to change Google site name)
Adding Google documents to your e-portfolio
Customizing your e-portfolio, changning colors and backgrounds